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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Having issue (s) with your adsense application or blog contact me

www.emeuwa.com.ng and the rest of his sites was not only cteate to publish information but also  to solve problems that has to do with adsense and blogging and other online issues.

Untitled Hello every one i have important information that most of you will love to hear, My name is Engr. Ude Daniel Arunsi (Ejitex) CEO of  this website and some other websites.

Ejitex has been getting messages from different kind of people, complaining to me about there Adsense not been fully approved for long time or still under review
like the picture above.

The truth is that Google Adsense can not just start to show there relevant ads (Advertise) in your blog with your blog been check properly, your blog must be qualified for them to advertise with, before they can approve it.

Adsense don't take more than two or three days to get fully approved if you properly implement the code well and well provide the necessary correct information to them.

If you are having issue(s) with your adsense
Account listed below:

i) Your Adsense Account got disabled for invalid click and you want to write an Appeal, to get you adsense account activated.

ii) Your Adsense Account got disapproved any time you submit your blog to run Ads all you get is one reason or the other why your application is disapproved.

Untitled There are so many reasons which can deny your application from not been approved by Google Adsense, which ever reason contact Ejitex, we assure you, that your adsense application that is been deny from you by Adsense, will be approved by the same adsense that reject it when Ejitex handle it, because he will detect exactly the fault why they deny your adsense application and fixed the issue (s).

Having any issue with your blog or with your adsense, I mean any issue contact Ejitex with his social media on this website,(Facebook, Twitter, instagram) or contact me with this email: infoejikelazrus@ejitex.com or by our contact form in this website or contact us in whatsapp with this number 07015230532 thanks.

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