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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Ejitex website is One Year of Existence (ejitex.com: New & Tech portal)

Engr Ude Daniel Arunsi (CEO EJITEX)

Today being August/11/2018 marks www.ejitex.com (News, Tech Portal) is  1 Year of existence today, our prayer is let this site continue to grow day by day, any evil plan to distroy this site shall be in vein in Jesus name Amen.
No evil plan against Engr Ude Daniel Arunsi (EJITEX) shall prosper, all the effort of the enemy shall be in vein towards you in jesus name Amen.

So shall it be.

Engr Ude Daniel Arunsi (EJITEX) is from Amurie Nkporo in Abia State Nigeria, and he is No.1 blogger, publisher and webmaster in Amurie Nkporo and in Nkporo in general ( Nkporo isi ogoo esato)
Let me use this opportunity to announce to the world or to all the people that visit this site that EJITEX POLO will be availble by December, You can order for your own, its free of charge.
If you base in Abia or Lagos, you can come around to take your own, like i said, its free of charge, but if you bass outside Abia and Lagos,  you can still order for your own, its still free of charge but you will pay who soever that will delivered it to you.

To order for EJITEX POLO use the site contact form to contact us or send us a mail with this Email: infoejikelazrus@ejitex.com

Sign: (Ejitex CEO)

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