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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wicked Sister (part 2)

Continuation of the wicked Sister.

She put there food in a special plate and poison the food and keep the food,and start to wait for her younger sister and her husband to arrive but it was unfortunately to her elder sister that her younger sister and her husband did not come at the time she expected.

So she went out,few minutes she went out her younger sister and her husband arrive ,and they where so hungry,The younger sister did not meet her elder sister at home,so she went to the kitchen to look for food.

The younger sister did not see the one in the plate that was poisoned by her elder sister,so she take rice from the pot and eat with her husband,after they ate finish,as she is returning the plate in the kitchen she saw a plate with cover.

she open the plate it was rice ,that poisoned rice,but she did not know it was poisoned rice,so she turned that poisoned rice in the pot,And went back inside there hot to meet her husband,few minutes her elder sister come back and saw them and pretend that she was happen.

As she welcome them,she rush to the kitchen to check if they have eaten ,as she arrived in the kitchen and she did not see that rice she poisoned for her younger sister and her husband to eat and die,she thought that her younger sister and her husband have eaten it,but she did not know that her younger sister turn the poisoned rice in the pot.

She was so happy,and she then eat the rice from the pot,Few minutes she started to feel some thing in her stomach,before she could know it,she was dieing and started to confess to her younger sister that she wanted to kill her and her husband but it was unfortunately to her,she was the one that latter eat the poisoned rice.

The elder sister  ask her younger sister to forgive her for being wicked to her and for wanting to kill her and her husband,then her younger sister forgive her,and the elder sister died.

The younger sister started to cry for the death of her elder sister,
Saying why will you die now I bring good news to you,the villagers where happy for her elder sister death after they where there when the elder sister was confessing.

She was thrown into the evil Forest.

This is the end of my story.

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Compose and writen by Ejitex

Source: Ejitex

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