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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The wicked Sister (part 1)

once upon a time there is two sisters living in a small village ,no father no mother (orphan)

The younger one have respect and so kind  to every one in the village,while the elder one feel too big to every one in the village even to there parents when there parents where alive, so because the younger one have respect to every one in the village this make every villager to love her.

That also make there parent to love her than the elder one so one day when there parents want to die they bless the younger one.

Things where moving well with the young one more than the elder one,so the elder one became jealous to the extend she was planing to kill her younger sister,one day she make up her mind to kill her younger sister.

One day she call her younger sister to follow her to the wel so that she will push her inside the wel and take what belong to her younger sister but her evil plan fail that day because people where in that well.

She try in many ways to kill her younger sister but she keep on failing, and that her younger sister have nothing in mind that her elder sister want to kill her.

One day her elder sister call her to follow her to the farm,the younger sister obey her elder sister and follow her to the farm,the younger one was in the front while the elder sister was at the back,planing what to do to kill her,she remember to hit her a heavy stick at the head,she succeeded in hitting her younger sister in the head,her younger sister fell down helplessly.

The elder sister leave her there inside that longly bush and ran home so that she will die in that bush.

As she ran home,leaving her younger sister in the bush to die,
Her younger sister did not die but she was lying helplessly inside that bush till midnight.

Luckily to her a hunter came inside that bush that night to hunt for animal,As the hunter was going he was hearing a human voice screening in a low voice,saying somebody help me,the hunter was going towards her to know who the person is,the hunter go close to her and discover she is a human being.

she was tired the hunter did not hunt for animal again that night,the hunter take the girl to his house and start to treat the girl.

Few days the girl recover,the hunter ask her to tell him why he was lying in the bush helplessly, the girl told the hunter what happen,that she is an orphan and her sister wanted to kill her because people love her more than her elder sister,she narrate what happen to the hunter,the hunter feel so sorry for her and told her not to go back to there house before her elder sister will find another way to kill her,the hunter told the girl that she will live with him in his house.

Because the girl started to take good care of the old hunter ,the hunter happen to have a son that is looking a wife,The hunter ask his son to marry the girl,that the girl have been taking good care of him,so he should marry the girl his son accept to marry the girl.

One day,the girl told the hunter that she have forgiven her sister that no matter what her elder sister do to her the she is still her elder sister,so she need to go there house to inform her elder sister that she is getting married.

When her sister receive the news that her sister is alive that she is coming with her husband to be to inform her about her marriage and the same time show her,her husband.

As her elder sister receive this news,she plan to kill her younger sister and her husband,she prepared food and poison the food so that her younger sister and her husband will eat the food and die.

Don't forget to comment on what you understand or learn in this story,and you can check the related posts thank you

This is the end of this story of wicked sister part 1 Continue from part 2

Compose and written by Ejitex

Source: ejitex

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