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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


This post seeks to highlight the importance of the satellite and communicatiion technology in our present day living, with emphasis on the security and defence industry from the Nigerian perspective. This day, everyone has become directly or indirectly affected by the instruments of satellite communication technologies such as mobile phones, computers and tablets, cloud systems and databases, satellite and cable TVs, etc.

From the mobile phones, internet communication or browsing, email, satellite TV and radio to the satellite defence systems, the satellite industry have permeated every fabric of our very human existence. As virtually every human activity is controlled by data operations which is mostly propagated via satellite technology, investing massively in the satellite technology industry is the only sure bet to a prosperous future of any nation especially Nigeria.

Let us also not forget that you are reading this post through an internet-connected device linked to a satellite feed. Every area of human development has been made feasible partly or wholly through advancements in satellite communication technology. It is evident in how Research and Development in the fields of science and arts are easier due to the gains of the satellite technology industry. Realtime business transactions, conferences, lectures, espionage, etc are efficiently conducted via the satellite communication technology highways.

The defence industry is not left out. Today we hear of cyber crimes and warfare, unmanned Ariel devices, satellite-guilded ballistic missiles, high definition satellite scan images, etc, all pointing to give credence to the relevance of satellite and affiliated technologies to human emancipation as well as national and global security. ne could say that the instances above belong to the super high technology class. What about the ordinary high technological application where satellite technology have made impact? 

Even the installation of satellite TV such as DStv, wireless CCTV security camera system etc all require devices and knowledge of the satellite communication technology.

Nigeria has found herself at the receiving end of an already advanced satellite technology and associated industries. This is why internet access which is one of the basic gains of the satellite industry is scarcely available and hardly affordable. 

Unfortunately, despite the investments made by both government and private institutions in this industry, Nigeria still remains a virgin territory for ventures into the satellite communication technology. With over 180 million people, the world's most populous black nation has many more to tap from in the satellite communication industry.

The satellite TV services which are still in their nascent stage of market penetration are already counting their gains. It is on record that Nigeria provides the biggest market for Africa's leading digital satellite pay-TV service provider, MultiChoice Nigeria. DStv and Gotv are almost in every home in Nigeria today.

With the dwindling academic standard and the declining reading culture in the black African nation, a dive into the gold mines of satellite communication technology would be a welcome development. It would open the minds of the Nigerian government and her people to research and development, reliable national defence programs, higher living standards as well as creating more jobs and reducing poverty. The time to start is now.

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