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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pregnant woman: Save by bird

Pregnant woman under a mango tree

Story by ejitex

A pregnant woman was walking alone in the forest looking for a particular herbs for treatment,she walk for more than one hour,she became so tired and tasty of water,and her water has finished.

She decide to sat down under a big mango tree to rest for a while,as she was resting she notice a drop of water dropping from the mango tree,she decide to use her empty water bottle to set on the water dropping down so that when the bottle is filled up with the water she will drink the water, few minutes the empty bottle were filled with water.

As she is about to drink the water bird from no where come and pure the water on the floor,the woman was so angry she killed the birth,with out knowing that the bird save her life.

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The water she wanted to drink was dropping down from the python's mouth,that is real poison,God use that bird to save the woman's life,but the woman did not know,so after the woman killed the bird,she look up on the big mango tree and saw the python,not only the python she also saw that the water she wanted to drink was coming out from the python mouth ,that means it is a poison.

She now understand why the bird come and pore the water on the floor,she was feeling so sorry about the bird that came to save her she killed,then she quickly ran out from the under mango tree for her dear life before the python swallow her.

Source: ejitex

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