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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Man says Davido's friend DJ Olu was allegedly used for something (photo)

- The young man asked those involved to confess

- A young man has expressed his bitterness over the death of DJ Olu, Davido’s friend

The death of DJ Olu, another close friend of Davido, has created uproar as people are wondering what is happening. The death of the close buddy of the Nigerian musician came as a rude shock to many people.

DJ Olu was reportedly found dead in his car alongside Chime, a close friend of the deceased. While no one understands what is going on, many questions are being asked as Davido has lost two of his close friends in a week.

A man identified as Specialspesh on Instagram has aired his bitterness over the state of things. In his aggrieved state, he asked whoever knows about the death of the young man to speak up and say what happened to him.

He challenged them to say what they did to him or used him for. On this note he asked people to stay woke and not dull on this matter.

Specialspesh, the man who thinks there is more to DJ Olu's death. Source: Instagram, Specialspesh.

Meanwhile, some members of Governor Ajimobi’s family have paid their tributes to late DJ Olu. The deceased was said to be romantically involved with Ajimobi Jibola (Ajay), the youngest daughter of the governor of Oyo state before he passed on.

DJ Olu was the son of Dapo Abiodun, a wealthy businessman. 

Ajay’s brother Idris Abiola Ajumobi took to his Instagram page to share a touching tribute about the young man he called a brother. According to him, his presence would be felt even though he had made his marks. He prayed for him to find peace and have a swift passage to the world after.

Screenshot of the post made by Specialspesh on Instagram.

Specialspesh also talked about the death of DJ Olu on his Snapchat where he said the deceased was neither sick nor suffered from any sort of complication. He said the death of the deceased does not add up and inferred that the older crowd has a hand in his death.

May his soul rest in peace.

Source: instagram

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