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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


A lot of new age smart TVs, LCD, LED, OLED, Ultra slim and indeed all Smart TVs now come with in-built features which enables the user to view satellite TV channels or Digital Terrestrial TV channels. 

This is made possible by a new technology which incorperate smart interactive Television features with Digital satellite and Terrestrial TV signal decoding softwares. however, there has been a lot of complains that many users of this new technology smart TV find it dificult to activate and make use of this value added satelite and terrestrial TV decoding systems. In this publication, I shall throw more light on how to activate your satellite TV or Digital Terrestrial TV built into your smart TV.

Firstly, when you purchase a smart TV with an in-built cable or satellite TV channel system, you need to find out if the technology brand or the signal service provider are available in your area. 

For example, an LED smart TV with an in-built DSTV channel system will work around anywhere within Nigeria because the entire Nigerian skyspace has been covered by the DSTV satellite TV signal provider. Therefore, if you are not sure that the satellite TV branch is available within your area, you may need to contact an expert or dealer around your locality to verify.

Having verified the availabilty of the Digital satellite or Terrestrial TV signal in your area, you are ready to move to the next stage. most smart TVs already have in-built signal capturing devices for the digital terrestrial TV. for the satellite TVs examples: DSTV, MyTV and others, they will require a satellite dish properly installed as prescribed by the service provider. this is necessary because  the technical process of the digital satellite TV signal transmission and reception in this present time  can only be possible by series of well alligned angle interferences and smart LNB capture.

Whether a Satelite or a Cable or Terrestrial  you found in your Smart TV and having fulfilled the conditions above for the satellite TV provider, you will realise that only the Tv guide channel from the network signal provider will be showing. if you have gotten to this stage, it shows that you are successfully accessing TV signals coming from the statellite, cable or terrestrial Tv provider. the only challenge nowwould remain to find a way to activate other channels that are commercialised which are not showing on your Tv.

Usually a smartcard number is required to enable the Tv signal provider to hook you on successfully unless the TV provider is broadcasting free-to-air TV channels. If so, all the channels on free-to-air platform would come up without any extra effort or settings.

To find the smartcard number for your in-built satelite or cable TV, you need to search through the menue, sub-menue  and most importantly, read through your smart TV operating manual. once the smart card number is available to you, simply visit any office of your TV signal providerto get your due subscription and consequent decryption of the blocked Tv channels. This procedures works to enable you enjoy the in-built satellite, cable or terrestrial TV services in your smart TV.

You may write us through the comment boxes below to share your experience on using the in-built satellite or terrestrial TV channels on your smart TV. remember to share this publication on your social media so as to encourage other users share thier experiences too

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