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Monday, 2 October 2017


Easy way to install gotv
GOtv is presently making waves in the TV digital signal Programme services in Nigeria and Africa. It is very cheap to buy and use but unfortunately, not many people can successfully install GOtv. Maybe you are reading this post because you wish to know how to install GOtv. Do not worry, I shall explain to you in details the easy way to install GOtv digital TV channel service and make it work perfectly without problems.

GOtv technology is based on the Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial DVB - T. This may sound a bit technical for you but it basically means the nature of signal propagation for GOtv. To receive GOtv signal, an antenna is mounted to a reasonable height devoid of obstructions around its surrounding air space.

You may have seen communication masts as mounted by telecommunication service providers like MTN, GLO etc. Such masts transmit signals belonging to such network providers all round within a geographical area. This technology is similar to the GOtv mode of signal transmission. Once your antenna is mounted within the catchment area of the GOtv mast, the antenna is bound to receive such signal.

So How Do I install GOtv?
GOtv is usually sold with a unique antenna which is compatible to its decoder. Do not attempt to use just any Ariel antenna on the GOtv decoder. It will not just work. Find a long towering pole and make sure your GOtv is fastened and raised high above the roof level of your premises. This is necessary to prevent obstructions of signals by any object.

Once the antenna has been mounted, run the connection cable from the antenna down to the decoder and power on. Allow your decoder to initialize and initiate a scan. Please note that at the point of purchase, a maiden scan would be performed on your GOtv decoder prior to the GOtv account activation. Also note that for your GOtv decoder to start showing live channels, you need to recharge it.

Back to the issue at hand, at the maiden scan, this is where some parameters like the date and language of the decoder are set. Any other subsequent scans would only be to search for available signal before your decoder starts showing.

After home scan and no signal is detected, swivel the antenna to change its direction. A new signal level comes with a new antenna direction. At this point, try and rescan your decoder. 

This process is repeated until a direction is located where the GOtv signal is fully picked. A successful scan of all the available channels signals the perfect position for the GOtv antenna.

At this signal-full direction, lock your antenna tightly unto that position and you are done with your antenna. Please ensure that the points of attachment of the connection cable to other parts of your GOtv system is firmly attached. If they wobble or get lose, partial contact results and signal loss becomes inevitable.

Installing a GOtv is usually achievable with minimal stress and time. It does not require any technical expertise or skill but be careful, meticulous observation is needed to recognize that perfect signal position. I seriously recommend the use of a tough and rigid metal or any other material of this standard for the Ariel antenna. This is to prevent heavy wind or rain storm from forcefully blowing and changing the direction of the antenna pole. If the antenna could be made to retain its rigid position, signal loss would be minimized.

It is easy right? Why not give it a shot. If you however encounter any challenges or still have questions as regards to the easy way to install GOtv digital TV service, please do not hesitate to ask me by dropping your comment below. Let your friends know about this easy method of installing GOtv by sharing with them on social media buttons below. Thanks and cheers!


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