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Sunday, 1 October 2017


10 solid signs he's the on for you

When true love comes along, it’s easy to feel as scared as we are excited. We want to get carried away but we know we can’t until we know for sure. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 clear signs he’s the one and you have found the true love of your life.

True love is the most beautiful of all the mysteries of life. Love is certainly the most beautiful of all emotions. As they say, love conquers all. But how do we know when what we feel really is true love and not simply mere infatuation? 

We’ve all had those long drawn out relationships that appeared to be heading somewhere, only to hit a road block. 

We thought we’d found true love, but it turned out to be an illusion. It’s frustrating, but it happens. And it will keep happening until you learn to read the signs. Let’s take a look at the 10 clear signs he’s the one.

1). You Weren’t Even Looking

True love is a bit playful. It doesn’t tend to poke its nose out when it knows we’ve been looking for it. Instead, it remains hidden in the shadows and only springs on us when we’re least expecting it. 

If you try to force love to appear, it won’t. You can get desperate and go on all the dates in the world, but true love won’t show itself for you. Neither can you force it out of a relationship. If you’re with someone who happened to be the only person that seemed to be available, true love won’t show itself. 

True love comes when we relax and don’t hunt it down. It surprises us when we’re not expecting it. It comes naturally, the result of a relationship that is allowed time to grow and expand. 

If there was little effort but true love seemed to just fall onto your lap when you weren’t looking for it, it’s one of good signs he’s the one.

2). He Shares Your Values

Finding someone who shares our values isn’t always easy. A lot of the time we don’t even know what our own value are! If you not only know what your values are, but know that he shares them, it’s one of signs he’s the one – the true love of your life.

3). You’re Motivated

Perhaps before you met him you were struggling for motivation. Maybe you had lost your drive and didn’t know what your Why was. You couldn’t even see a point to life. Now that he’s here, you’ve got your motivation back. He’s your Muse, your Reason for doing something with your life. And it feels awesome, it’s one of good signs he’s the one.

4). Silence Is Golden

Sure, there are moments of silence between the two of you. But you’re totally comfortable with that. Looking back, have you ever been on a date with a guy where there were awkward moments of silence? We all have. You’ve just answered a question of his, and now neither of you have any idea where to take the conversation next. You even take a big sip of your burning hot coffee to break the awkwardness. With the true love of your life, silence isn’t like that at all. You even appreciate it. It gives you a chance to thank destiny for bringing you two together.

5). You Get Each Other
Sometimes, you just don’t click with a person. You don’t gel. You don’t get each other. With the true love of your life, you can tell the weirdest jokes and do the strangest things and they’ll totally get you!

6). You Work Hard To Resolve Your Arguments

ALL couples argue. If you guys are arguing, it isn’t a sign that you’re not meant to be together. Fights are natural. Instead, what you need to look out for is how you react to the arguments. Do you both work hard to bring a fight to an agreeable conclusion? 

Do you both seek compromises? Do you argue productively and constructively? Answering Yes to all of these is one of strong signs he’s the one and that you’ve found true love.

Those who are meant to be work really hard to resolve arguments as soon as possible, and as painlessly as possible. They know that fights will happen, but they want to get them over with as soon as possible, and they want to make sure that both sides are happy with the resolution.

7). He Supports You Unwaveringly

The true love of your life is someone who has got your back at all times. They’ll support your dreams, no matter how big or small, and no matter how silly they seem to other people. You know that, whatever you try, he will be right behind you, it’s another one of clear signs he’s the one.

8). You Trust Them Unquestionably

The true love of your life should be someone you trust without a doubt. You trust them with everything, from your house to your biggest secrets. You know that when you tell them to keep something between the two of you, they absolutely will. You also trust them with this relationship. You just know they won’t do anything to screw it up, and this gives you a strong sense of security and safety, it’s another one of those wonderful signs he’s the one.

9). Love Is Your Only Emotion

Sometimes, you might feel anger when you argue. Most couples do. But your overriding emotion is love. He’s never hurt you, and you have no reason to feel jealous or bitter. All you feel is pure, unadulterated love for him. This kind of emotion only applies when you’ve found the true love of your life, and it’s the love that helps you get through any difficult trials and tribulations in your life. All of a sudden, you can do anything.

10). Your Goals And Aspirations Match Up

For someone to be the true love of your life, their goals and aspirations must align with yours. If they are not, they can’t be the one. Do you feel passionate about similar things? Do you feel as though the two of you are heading in the same direction? 

Long-term goals and aspirations are important for any individual. But unless yours match up with your partners, you won’t last the distance.

Do you have other thoughts on the signs he’s the one? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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