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Friday, 8 September 2017

T​he All Progressives Congress, APC, Ebonyi state chapter, at the early hours of Monday, September 4, commenced a "walk of shame.

                                     All Progress Congress,APC

T​he All Progressives Congress, APC, Ebonyi state chapter, at the early hours of Monday, September 4, commenced a "walk of shame" along the major streets of Abakaliki to kick against the $150m loan request by the government of Governor David Umahi for the reconstruction of the old Abakaliki ring road.

The shameful road match which witnessed the presence of, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the former governor, Chief Martin Elechi, was intended to ridicule the state.

APC sponsored petty political activists carrying out frivolous noise making gimmicks in motor parks, or simply passing reckless opinions in public drinking places also decided to relocate their nuisances to the city's major streets and highways. The unwarranted overzealousness led to the blockade of roads within the town. The pervading spirit of peace and calm in the capital city took flight. Ebonyians had first hand experience of egregious acts of lawlessness unleashed on them by "obsolete politicians" who shamelessly displayed their vastly crushed faces with those of their band of renegades. Expectedly they painted the state government in unprintable words and presented a portrait of desolateness and neglect about Ebonyi state.

Their anger was the loan request being sourced from the African Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank for the construction of ring roads in the state, by the state government. 

In a saner environment, this would have been a cause for joy and jubilation given the magnitude and scope of the proposed intervention. For one, this is an unusual feat to be accomplished in the history of Ebonyi state as no administration has conceived any intervention of this magnitude on the road. The chain effect of this singular feat would be evident in multiple brand new access roads in eight agrarian local government areas of the state.

Rather than venerate the man behind the good tidings, APC came up with a very convoluted and baseless claim that the loan was conceived for the 2019 PDP gubernatorial election campaigns. I was particularly appalled by this hateful, obnoxious rhetoric and wondered thickly if the password to the brain of the accusers has been compromised by some malicious hypnotic hackers. I am rather surprised that fellow Ebonyians, including venerated elderstatesmen could make such humongous mockery of the struggle to liberate their state from dearth of infrastructure. I wondered why it was most convenient for them to strangulate the progress and development of our dear state because they are in opposition.

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Without any shadow of doubt, The September 4 rally was yet another in the series of half-hearted attempts to discredit the efforts of the government of Governor David Umahi to reposition the state. Truths were turned upside down.The distortion of facts becomes even clearer with the blindfolded analysis of development efforts in the state since governor umahi came into office, by the vociferous critics. 

The so called match by APC was simply a culmination of years of disdain and hatred harboured against the state Governor since he delivered a wounding blow to the opposition camp at the 2015 polls which plunged their electoral fortunes. Chief Martin Elechi, an accomplished verbal sniper of the state government withdrew his battle axes in the media this time, and declared a full blown street war against the state government. He spoke arrogantly as if he were Almighty God whose inclination is infallible, unquestionable. 

Without any shadow of doubt and fear of contradiction, the statements were borne out of pure dislike for the man whose guts he hates so much. So evident was the unfortunate tissue of lies and deliberate distortion of hard facts that are verifiable even with a simple and cursory enquiry. ADB has operational procedures for administration of loan. For instance, there is no direct link between the benefiting state and the money as the ADB deals directly with contractors. The state merely plays supervisory role. But perhaps, APC in the state already knows this but finds it convenient to pontificate the lies. 

However, in a funny twist of fate, a separate faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state embarked on it's own rally too.

While one rally kicked against the loan request, a counter rally by another APC faction supported the $150 million loan request by the state government .

Meanwhile, the Ben Nwobasi’s led state executive committee dismissed the protest, calling on all members of the party in the state to disregard the announcement as the party is completely in support of the loan which the National Assembly and the Federal Executive Council have approved for the development of the state.

A statement from the latter read in part...“We are against the protest. We have told our members to disregard Nwachukwu and his group. They are not speaking for APC. What we want is development and that is why the President is not resting on his oars to ensure that he delivers on his promises. Anybody who is attacking the President for aiding development in Ebonyi state is anti-people. We must not strangulate the progress and development of our state because we are in opposition in the state. The President has that he belong to everybody and belongs to nobody”.

“The loan has been approved by the national assembly that has the largest numbers of APC members. The same loan was deliberated in the federal executive council and approved. Then, to whose interest is Nwachukwu serving? We must unite for the development of our state and Country. APC in Ebonyi state is solidly behind President Muhammadu Buhari and we want him to continue to support us in any measure for the development of the state”, Nwobasi said.

Nwobasi noted that APC is in support of any programme that would lead to the development of the state, stressing that the ring road if constructed would boost the economic fortunes of the state and alleviate the sufferings of the people. 
I sensed nemesis at work. 

However, as the factional protesters gathered at the party’s office, a team of armed policemen were deployed to the area to forestall breakdown of law and order, which culminated to the heavy traffic logjam along the ever-busy Abakaliki-Afikpo federal highway. Commuters were the hardest hit. The security officers also barricaded one of the double lanes to ensure free movement of people along the road. 

When the atmosphere was charged, youths suspected to be members of Nwobasi’s faction blocked another section of the road with trips of sounds and created burn fires. The youths were aggrieved that the factional party headed by Nwachukwu has allegedly constituted social menace in the state since their leadership battle started in the state. These parallel rallies and protests affected human and vehicular movements in Abakaliki, the state capital despite the presence of policemen.

The clash itself was the high point of a lingering feud between different political forces within the party fold.Two factions loyal to the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya and governorship candidate of the party in 2015 general election, Senator Julius Ucha, have been battling for supremacy since the conduct of the last congress in the state. Onu’s faction of the party has Eze Nwachukwu as its chairman while Ucha’s faction has Ben Nwaobsi as chairman. Ucha’s faction had distanced itself from the rally against the proposed $150 million loan by the state government and called on its members to disregard the rally. Again, validating the fact that APC in the state has been torn into disagreeable pieces.

Governor Umahi may not be perfect but he serves as the messianic figure pioneering what you and most so-called intellectuals and leaders of APC can’t afford – and I mean this both literally and figuratively. It is not enough to speak grammar and quote the dictionary like you’re some descendant of William Shakespeare. Many of us, the younger generations would have expected a bit of decency from the Minister of Science and Technology. It is true that he reserves the rights to say whatever he likes, regardless whose ox is gored but I hope that the violence he orchestrated in his own state leaves him with the taste of his own medicine. I am not asking him and those who resonate with his ideals to support the struggle or believe in it, or approve the loan. I know he has always shied away from the truth as a person.

The leadership crisis that has divided the Ebonyi APC down the middle makes mockery of their desire to rule the state. How can we imperil the future of the state to these vicious fighters. Since what increasingly appears like a renegade segment of the APC, led by Dr Ogbonnaya onu, took on the leadership of the party, things haven’t been the same again in the APC. The APC under the Onu faction had exhausted all avenues to assert control over the rebels in their fold. 

His last resort to a rally, at best is a sign of political immaturity. This reckless act might be an open invitation to political annihilation for all those involved in this show of shame. Politics is nothing without ideals. They have simply shown that they are betrayers of their people and people without ideals and principles. This is the time for the APC to stop holding Ebonyians to ransom, move on and stop beating a dead horse that will only end up driving their supporters into the waiting hands of the PDP.

More importantly, the match was uncalled for, reckless and capable of derailing our democracy and creating chaos in the land. Such display of violence and defacement of the state capital is a sign of depravity and moral bankruptcy by all those involved. On the other hand, the only way to stop the rebellion in the party is for leaders of the APC in the state to accept the status quo and guard their misguided members right.

It is easier as matters stand for the APC leaders to accept the reality on the ground than to continue to chase after a long gone animal by insisting on cancellation of the loan. 

The PDP government is not clueless. It is on course to creating an inclusive and broad based economy that offers opportunities and jobs to all our people. The PDP government remains focused and visionary. Thats why EbonyI state is moving at multiple levels. There is a concentrated consistent effort to purge underdevelopment from the state. Before now, there was poverty, falling living standards of the ordinary people, environmental destruction, trouble in Ezillo, broken infrastructure and massive corruption. There was decrepit in health and educational institutions, all these are history today.

Ebonyians condemn in strongest terms the egregious display of hatred, narrow-mindedness and meanness by these apostles of hate hiding under the guise of APC.

The governor should be venerated for his vision, which is anchored on unity of purpose and the desire to work together in order to move EbonyI to an era of economic and political transformation. Governor Umahi is selfless, disciplined and result oriented. He has become the standard by which political party candidates are measured in and outside Nigeria. The governor is thinking outside the box and thinking ahead of today. His administration is opposed to leadership that focuses on enriching itself. It is giving effect to the will of the people and will continue to do so.

The APC is used to creating imaginary scenario just to whip unnecessary sentiments to sway voters but Ebony people can see through the thick veil of their lies. They should understand that there are couple of things we should not play with. Essentially, they should be careful how they challenge the credibility of institutions that mean well for the people or gamble with policies tailored towards the people.

The recent APC rally is a show of shame and a sign of ingratitude to the laudable achievements of the Umahi-led administration. The proposed bank loan is a social assurance approved for the people of the state to execute a road project which cuts across 8 local government areas. 

The perpetrators of the so called demonstration that took place last Monday are enemies of the state, especially those that could benefit from the ring road project and should tender unreserved apology to the Ebonyi people.

Having run out of options Ebonyi APC has resorted to telling open lies. The governor has demonstrated unquantifiable zeal, passion and commitment to the Ebonyi project and no amount of propaganda can change this. Am very confident that fate will surely nail the APC and it's lying spin doctors to the very cross they prepared for the governor.

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