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Friday, 29 September 2017

Sartorial indiscretion! Woman suspended from work for wearing short dress

- Rosemary Namuwanga is a court clerk in Uganda

- She has been suspended from work for allegedly wearing a short dress

- Her dress was seen to portray a bad image of the Judiciary

A Ugandan woman has been suspended from work for allegedly wearing a short dress.

Rosemary Namuwanga, who is a court clerk and interpreter at Kasangati Magistrate’s Court in Wakiso District, was suspended on Thursday, September 21.

She received a letter informing her of her two-week suspension on grounds of indecent dressing from the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Public Service, Ms Josephine Muwonge.

Ms Namuwanga has been suspended for allegedly wearing a short dress.

The letter read in part: “This is to inform you that, today September 21, while you were invited to the office of the Permanent Secretary to the judiciary for an explanation regarding..."

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"...non-payment of your salary and allowances for the month July 2017, you turned up dressed in a manner that does not portray a good image of the Judiciary and Public Service at large.

The 2010 Uganda Public Service Standing Orders outline a dress code for workplaces. Female public service members must wear dresses or skirts that are not above the knee.

Tight-fitting dresses and skirts are also not allowed.

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