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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Incredible! See photos of houses built using plastic bottles filled with sand

- Photos have emerged online showing houses built using bottles

- The bottles are filled with sand and arranged like bricks

- The photos have sparked debate online as to whether the houses are safe or not

Photos have surfaced online showing incredible houses built using plastic bottles filled with sand and arranged like bricks.

A Facebook page named The Controversial Files shared the photos on September 26, sparking intense debate on the advantages and disadvantages of such houses.

While some hailed the idea as innovative and environment-friendly, others questioned whether or not the houses are safe to live in.

Interestingly, some renewable energy experts believe that plastic bottles can last for hundreds of years as long as they are kept away from the sun.

One of them is Tateh Lehbib, who is a Sahrawi refugee living in a camp in Tindouf, Algeria. He has built similar plastic bottle houses there.

One of the plastic bottle house. Photo: Facebook/The Controversial Files

In a recent interview with Middle East Eye, he said: “We all know that plastic does not get undone in nature until after hundreds of years."

He added: "There are estimates that the number is more than 300 years, and that’s how long these homes will survive, as long as the bottles are not exposed to the sun.”

What do you think of the houses.

Nice one!

Source: facebook

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