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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Hand mixer and Hand blender which one is the best for your kitchen

Hand mixer and Hand blender which one is the best to be used in the kitchen.

Often times we mix the hand mixer up with the hand blender but these two kitchen gadgets are not the same. An electric hand mixer is a hand-held mixing gadget with two removable metal beaters rotating at a good speed. If you bake often, you would appreciate the electric hand mixer more. Though the mixer is not only used for baking. It can also be used for whipping cream, salad dressing, mixing eggs and cake icing.

The good thing about mixers is that they don’t require much power and can be cleaned easily. As the name implies, a hand mixer mixes and it does this well better than a hand blender. To know more about hand blender, check our post on 5 simple ways to use a hand blender.

Another advantage of the hand mixer is the space management. They are quite small so they don’t need much space and can be carried anywhere.

How to use a Hand Mixer

Firstly, the device should be assembled using the manufacturer’s manual. It’s always safe to read through a device manual before making using of it.

Secondly, make sure you set the speed of your hand mixer to zero before you start mixing. When mixing, you can use any speed you want but immediately you finish, set it back to zero before unplugging from the socket.

While you are mixing, is best you add your ingredient in bits to enable efficient mixing. While mixing or whisking try as much as possible to keep your hand steady instead of moving the hand mixer around the bowl.

Ensure the bowl used is quite bigger than what you are mixing to reduce spills and your mixer touching the bowl.
Lastly, after mixing remove the beater or the whisk and wash with hot water and a soft sponge. Drain water from the beater or whisk before packing the hand mixer.

Maintenance of the Hand mixer

Always assemble your mixer before plugging the cords. Also, make sure the cords or plug don’t touch water while you are using it.

Make sure you use the right attachment when assembling. You don’t want to use a single dough hook to beat eggs and you don’t want to use a whisk to mix the dough.

Ensure you don’t change speed abruptly while using the mixer. Changing speed should be done steadily to avoid damaging the mixer. I will recommend you use low speed for hard foods and high speed for liquid food like eggs.

Always return the hand mixer back to its storing case to ensure its safety.

Difference between a hand mixer and a hand blender

From their names, a hand mixer mixes ingredient or food while hand blender does more than mixing but basically turns food into liquid. If not total liquid, it will be in a slurry.

Mixers are mostly appreciated by bakers while a hand blender is a must have in the kitchen.

Hand mixers are mostly used for whipping cream, egg whites, pudding, and doughs while the blender can be used for so many other things. For more on Hand Blender read 5 simple ways to use a hand blender.

Basically, a hand blender blends while a hand mixer mixes. You need both in your kitchen because their job specification is different.

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